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Door nieuwe interpretaties, samenwerkingen en actuele presentatie, ontstaan unieke kansen voor muzikanten, organisaties en publiek om met elkaar vanuit klassieke muziek in dialoog te gaan binnen een steeds veranderende samenleving. Daarom is het goed om de gewoontes te veranderen.

Specifically the Eburones were the largest of these tribes and the one living around Tongeren. Despite being known as the Germani, whether they spoke a Germanic language is debated, and the names of their tribes and their leaders were Celtic.

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We mogen het niet toelaten om die magie te verliezen in de wedloop om perfectie. In the meantime, the Franks to the north and east were pagan and so many areas had to be reconverted over the course of the following centuries, with several missionaries becoming martyrs.

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Famous inhabitants[ edit ] Ancient times Ambiorixprince of the Eburones and rebel leader against the Roman invaders. Works of art include the pulpit by Robrecht Verburghthe main altarpiece by Gaspar de Crayer 17th century and a sculpture of the "Suffering Christ", donated by the beguine Anna de Floz. The seat of the Tungrian bishopric however eventually moved to nearby Maastrichtafter Saint Servatius was buried near the Roman town there.

Tongeren therefore lost some importance during this period. Het Plein The Place with a "Perroen", the historic symbol of being one of the "bonnes villes". Typical Roman buildings were built in town, while villas and mound graves tumuli dotted the surrounding area.

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It suffered from a destructive fire during the Batavian siege in 70 AD, which was part of the Batavian revolt. Its enclosure wall was destroyed in the nineteenth century: In the second century, it erected a defensive wall, portions of which can still be seen today.

Nave, transepts and side chapels were added between the thirteenth and fifteenth century.

The thirteenth century also saw the building of the medieval defensive wall, several new churches and cloisters, and the beguinage. Tongeren's best known soccer club is K.

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Other buildings were added to the religious core of the city, including new commercial areas, hospitals and artisans quarters. Archaeological excavations have proven the presence of an edifice here starting from the fourth century, while a Carolingian prayer house existed here in the ninth century.

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Women's volleyball club Datovoc Tongeren plays at the highest level of the Belgian league pyramid. The original Romanesque tower was replaced by the present, metre-tall foot Gothic tower from until Julian gave ambiguous replies and then after the meetings sent a surprise attack along the Maas or Meuse river, and "they met him with adres casino tongeren rather than with resistance, he received the submission of them and their children".

Although his statue stands on the central square of Tongeren, it is unknown where he lived exactly and Julius Caesar 's Commentarii de Bello Gallico is the only source to mention him 1st century BC. Modern art in Tongeren: Caesar reported that he sold the Aduatuci into slavery, and annihilated the name of the Eburones, many of whom however he reported having fled successfully, including Ambiorix the leader of the revolt.

Some of the medieval defensive towers, also still visible today.

In the future emperor Julian met, in Tongeren, a delegation of Salian Franks who had recently settled in Toxandria the modern Campine regionto the north of Tongeren. They wanted peace but spoke "as if the ground they had seized were rightfully their own". B-Classic vindt het evident dat de superdiverse samenleving vertegenwoordigd is bij de deelnemende artiesten en het publiek.