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The adjunct box provides two contact closures that can be operated in either a normally closed or normally open state.


You can also use it for status monitoring and troubleshooting. Information is communicated in the same manner as for the MM The S server features: Within the US For help with: A call for which the talk path between parties in the call has been established is considered stable. Instead, the four analog telephone ports must be used.

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Any packets tagged with an unlisted VLAN are dropped when received on the port. Documentation disclaimer Avaya Inc. The G features a dynamic trap manager, which enables you to ensure that the G sends traps directly to the currently active MGC.

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Alternate Software Bank button. Telephones must be connected to the correct type of port for the telephone type.

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V3 standard media module slot An administration tool that provides terminal emulation capabilities and a variety of connectivity options you can save and reuse. The traffic shaping function estimates the parameters of the incoming traffic and takes action if it measures traffic exceeding agreed parameters.

It is similar to the CLI of many other network devices. Configuring G options The G provides the following configuration options to avaya mm342 slot you ensure continuous telephone services: Optional components for more information about each type of port and media module. The LSP provides full featured telephone service survivability for the branch office.

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Issue 1 January 20 Optional components Figure 6: Each A Emergency Transfer Panel provides emergency trunk bypass or power-fail transfer for up to five incoming trunk loops to five analog phones and maintains connections on return from emergency transfer mode.

Configuring MM ports The MM provides you with the capability to configure any of the 24 ports as: Therefore, there is a short period during registration with the MGC during which calls are dropped and service is not available.

Avaya CM offers over features, in the following categories: IPSec provides privacy, integrity, and authenticity to information transferred across IP networks.

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V8 standard media module slot For information about the different media modules that can be housed in the G media module slots, see Chapter 2: The G allows you to use many types of telephones and trunks that do not directly support VoIP.

Configuring MM line ports The MM provides you with the capability to configure any of the four telephone ports as: