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Most salad shops will have a similar offering or allow you to build your own salads around what they have on hand. Classic Turkey Burger Who are you calling a turkey?

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Black Jack Chicken Club Blackened chicken. Lemony Oil 2g net carbs per 2 oz.

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Ordering a few pieces of grilled chicken is super simple and super quick. The Pepper Jack cheese. Similarly, with other chicken places, we recommend trying to scrape as much breading off of the chicken as possible. Some burgers may include high-carb sauces or extras onions, pickled vegetables, etc.

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If you are using a charcoal grill, build a fire and let it burn down until the coals are glowing red with a moderate coating of white ash. Their nutrition information is not laid out well online, so if you eat here, try to be sensible with what you order.

Check beforehand if their meat uses a sugar-intensive rub usually this can be found through their online nutrition portal as well. Salsa-Ranch 2g net carbs per 2 oz. Wild Turkey Burger Aaaaaaaand the crowd goes wild…for this burger…made of turkey.

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For dressings, you can choose between any of these: That being said, I have a ton of yummy fall recipes that are dying to be tried including Pumpkin DoughnutsButternut Squash Soupand a delicious fall flatbread. If you opt for one of these, make sure to remove the carb-filled items.

Although they do offer a few chicken dishes — you just have to be careful with the number of carbs that they contain. Bacon 1g net carb per serving Cheese sauce 2g net carbs per serving Ranch 2g net carbs per serving Check for real mayo at the condiment station 0g net carbs If you plan to have a burger here, consider ordering one of their larger size items like a bacon double cheeseburger.

KFC seems to be phasing out their grilled chicken duringso when we are updated with their new options the post will be updated as well! Buzzard 0g net carbs per serving House-Made Ranch 2g net carbs per serving Roasted Garlic Aioli 3g net carbs per serving Burgerville Burgerville is a popular west coast chain.

Remember that you can always add bacon 0g net carbs or cheese 1g net carbs on average to your burgers.

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Almost all of their dipping sauces are higher than 10g carbs per serving — so definitely avoid them. The blackened chicken tenders are only 2g net carbs for three tenders, which is a rare find at most fast food stops. Typically you want to watch out for carb counts of mixed greens and toppings like corn, apples, and cranberries that are often overlooked in salads.

Or sharpen your skills and learn to prepare similar recipes in our Boot Camps and Saturday classes. Skip most of the sides — but if you must have one, ordering an individual serving of green beans is 2g net carbs. This chicken sandwich is spicy and zesty and waiting for you to order it already. For dessert, we enjoyed our first pumpkin pie of the season.

We recommend getting their wings naked and dipping in their ranch sauce 2g net carbs. Jack in the Box A very well known chain across most of the US, Jack in the Box offers burgers as their mainstay specials. If you want to add a topping or side to your burger, consider: They do have some side salad options, but you can order a side grilled caesar salad for only 7g net carbs.

Specifically, the Grilled Chicken Stickens 4g net carbs and steamed broccoli 1g net carbs are great items. Make sure you do this very quickly with pressure and alternating directions… the consistency should change from brothy with chunks of meat and beans to a very thick and even consistency.

Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich Charbroiled chicken breast hand-dipped in Hawaiian sauce then topped with freshly grilled pineapple, mustard and crisp lettuce. Add the tomato paste and cook, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes.

If you choose a salad or something that needs dipping, you can choose one of their few low-carb sauces: Add all the remaining black jack chicken club calories and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 10 to 15 minutes. Have you ever had one of those weeks where life takes off running and you spend the majority of your time just trying to catch up?

Chicken Tenders The only thing tender about these big and bold Chicken Tenders is, well, everything.

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Their bonafide chicken legs spicy or mild come out to 4g net carbs each. Some example salads that you can get from Potbelly include: