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They made it to the semifinals, where they lost to eventual tournament winners Kensuke Sasaki and Yuji Nagata. Express", but they were more or less used as a jobber team against up and coming teams such as Demolition in house shows. The two claimed to know via computer analysis how to win each match and how long it would take for Wallstreet to become victorious.

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Schyster later refocused on singles wrestling. He announced he had taken Jerry Lawler 's crown, because Lawler had not paid his taxes. Billed as being 6' 9" and over pounds, Windham was a rawboned cowboy in the vein of Bobby Duncum or Stan Hansen. Mulligan attacked Sammartino before the bell. Schyster then feuded with Tatankawhom he accused of failing to pay a gift tax on a "sacred headdress" he received from Chief Jay Strongbow.

In FebruarySchyster formed the tag team Money Inc. He died on April 7, Mulligan then wrestled in Florida. World Championship Wrestling[ edit ] See also: The two defeated Dean Malenko and Konnan in the first round, but lost in the quarterfinals to the Harris Brothers. His team lost when they abandoned Duggan during the match.

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Steiner left the group and began feuding with Rotunda, the enemies trading the Television Championship before Rotunda lost it to Sting. Windham served a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps.

Ted DiBiase retired from wrestling to become a commentator in the summer ofresulting in Schyster going back to singles competition.

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This in turn led to the two arguing over which of them was the superior wrestler. His feud with The Undertaker included Schyster repossessing the headstone of a child, and interfering in a Casket Match between The Undertaker and Yokozuna.

S appeared on Raw in a comedy segment. In Januaryhe competed in the Royal Rumble match entering at number 18 and lasted 28 minutes, giving him the third longest run behind Roddy Piper and winner Ric Flair. Windham left the WWF soon after. Schyster encountered Big E Langston on his way to a match and told him to pay his taxes, to which Langston smiled. When the two eventually squared off at the Royal Rumblethe Undertaker was victorious following a chokeslam, but Schyster stole his urn after the match.

Early stills of the two actually identify him as Big Bob Windham. Wallstreet and nWo Sting followed. In this brief run he was undefeated blackjack mulligan sons often a timer was present onscreen to further the duo's claim.

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Rotunda then left the WWF. In mid he joined his former partner DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporationoften teaming with fellow member Bam Bam Bigelowin an unsuccessful effort to regain tag team gold.

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Express induring which time he would be billed as Mike Rotundo rather than Rotunda. On June 7,I.

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In JulyWindham was named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by WWE after they received a letter from him indicating that he intended to sue them for concussion-based injuries sustained during his tenure with them. After graduating from high school, Rotunda attended Syracuse University. Mulligan worked as a match booker and promoter all around the Blackjack mulligan sons, eventually co-owning the Amarillo, Texas-based Western States Sports promotion with Dick Murdoch after purchasing it from Dory and Terry Funk.

He was very devoted to spending the time he had remaining to spreading the word of God. S was, later that night, one of the contestants during the second round of the pricing game. Retirement —present [ edit ] Rotunda retired from wrestling to run a security company with his wife in To further add to this persona, one of his finishing moves was called The Write-Off i.

In wrestling terms, everybody "got over" - the building was sold out to the delight of promoter Vince McMahon the elder, Sammartino made a strong return to New York and Mulligan, who was in no condition to work an actual match, received a large pay-off to aid his recovery. Million Dollar Corporation — [ edit ] Main article: The Varsity Club Later in the year, Rotunda joined the National Wrestling Alliance affiliate Jim Crockett Promotionswhere he lingered at mid-card level as blackjack mulligan sons face before turning heel and joining Kevin Sullivan's Varsity Cluba group of wrestlers with amateur wrestling credentials.

On the June 28 Raw, he was one of the four people who entered the ring to celebrate Ricky Steamboat 's career, but were attacked by the Nexus.

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His push was interrupted when he was slashed in the thigh by a fan at the Boston Garden and required hundreds of stitches to close the wound. Rotunda stayed around for a few more months with little success. The culprit was actually captured by Gorilla Monsoonwho threw him at the ringside police — who promptly let him go because they thought "it was part of the show".