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It was asked about on my Wizard of Vegas forum as early as December He believes that if any one of them had simply resigned, the war would have ended on peaceful terms, and that their obsession with winning the war drove Equestria and the world at large into megaspell annihilation.

The dealer shall not take a hole card. He was capable of locking out the robotic forces from the Core trying to breach the Project Chimera labs as well. It has many dings all over it, blackjack pipbuck is surprising since pipbucks are typically very durable.

Sadly do to the overabundance of protection spells installed into the pipbuck, they became defective, and hazardous to the users heath.

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The Dealer had initially shown up in Blackjack's dreams, which helped cement the idea that he is a construct of her mind that personified the wasteland. Strangely, even though Sharpshot is from a stable and is old enough to have one, he doesn't appear to have a PipBuck. However, following Stonewing 's alleged death and Big Macintosh's heroic sacrifice, the Marauders eventually fell apart and the group decommissioned.

He is also capable of communicating with Blackjack while time is near-frozen from her perspective in S. The ScoutBuck comes with a few unique features, including a zoom-in spell, infrared vision and nightvision. The Scoutbuck is worn over the eye and is an experimental piece of technology. Alongside the standard series equipment the 'b' model had a short range biomedical scanner and a built in radio communicator.

Lee and her daughter Anne both wear one of these. S can aim the arcane blasters on a Enforcer's battle saddle as well as target the weak spot on a opponent for a magic spell. The best ones are: By itself it can provide EFS and displays a visual aid in the form of a cartoony Twilight Sparkle that provides aid via text bubbles.

The player shall be paid on a total of 21 or five-card hand automatically, even if the dealer has a potential blackjack. Edit -The Pipbuck was made for Ministry couriers to help keep the information they had from ever leaking to the zebras.

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He has shown a great contempt for Luna, Goldenblood and the Mane 6. While He often encourages her when she's down on her luck or depressed, conversely, he also reminds her of her failures and hardships when she is distracted from them. One of its notable setbacks is its low visibility in the dark as it has no functioning flashlight, rendering it impossible to take a good look at the screen without lighting, much less traverse through dark areas.

The earbloom is missing, so all audio recordings or radio broadcasts are head by anypony in earshot. Edit In Misfits, a P. It also contains a partial override code for many Stable-Tech operating systems allowing for better ease in hacking 25 less science skill needed for hacking.

It was acquired by Zero after passing a number of tests offered, which features new additions not available fromt he original PipBuck Unlike most other PipBucks, it has a vintage appearance, with the screen noticeably smaller than modern PipBucks. The view screen is also riddled with scratches. So the user can look at what is on the screen without having to bring up their hoof.

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The Dealer's appearance has changed over the course of the story, typically appearing younger over time. The Dealer also led Blackjack to believe he was the embodiment of the war and strife across the Wasteland, claiming that despite the war's end, the suffering caused by fighting and warfare continues to perpetuate him.

When the Pipbuck returned to Blackjack, she could see the Dealer again.

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Blackjack pipbuck, Shadow Corporation has at some point implemented something called the MentaBuck into her brain via a hard drive placed inside. Around this time, EC was created. Later on, he is now wearing the PipBuck in possession, which, unlike the version, is much more advanced than the previous version with a highly-detailed map displayed on the screen and voice recognition on the wearer.

After Blackjack suffers a mental breakdown due to her actions caused by sleep deprivation and separating herself from her friends, the Dealer slowly begins entrust her with information about his past and origins as blackjack pipbuck safety of EC depends on her trust.

The Pipgirl is more aesthetically pleasing than a PipBuck and is easier to remove as shown by Anne.

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His true identity is a closely guarded secret of his. The game is based on blackjack with some nice rules thrown in. Such as in a firefight, where the owner's heart rate is reaching dangerous levels due to adrenaline blackjack pipbuck through their system.

Being designated an Unddsirable by her stable's classist system she received a bead up model. Player may double after splitting. S simply to give herself time calm down and think in an emergency.

At the Project Horizons launch facility on the Moon, Blackjack convinces Echo to help delay the Horizons launch and stop Cognitum; unfortunately, he's subsequently eaten by mechasprites, leaving only a pool of blood behind.