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Cashiers need to be aware of all relevant rules and regulations affecting their casino and the gaming industry as a whole, and be able to cite and explain them when necessary. Nearing the kids' bed time, we leave the pow-wow, and head back to the car.

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I can smell cool, damp earth in the adjacent farm fields. Jeff and his brother have begun to take a more active role in local watershed issues, expressing concern for both the quality of the ground water at the reservation, and for assuring that environmental impacts in the areas are either prevented or mitigated. Stephanie jumps up eagerly, Neal declines.

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Tonight, the local non-native communities have been invited to a pow-wow, and the scene of the fancy costumes, crowded dance hall, and warm light welcome us as we walk in from the rainy parking lot.

He has begun to attend meetings of the Tribal Alliance of Northern California, and like many other native people I have known, has largely taken this educational endeavor into his own hands.

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Brad told us that up until recently, all of them thought they were Pomo until a linguist from Berkeley had analyzed the language of one of their eldest native speakers on the Rancheria and determined them to be Lake Miwok, whose language was completely distinct from that of the Pomo.

That means a cage cashier must be able to handle financial transactions for casino patrons with skill and integrity.

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The once-local Patwin language has vanished, save for a few words captured in stories decades ago by ethnologists. A few photographs of native American artifacts hang on the walls, but mostly kitschy plains Indian references -- nothing authentic to the former peoples of the local area.

Directly across the road is an immense, perfectly plowed field of chocolate-brown corduroy earth edged by oak grassland fading up and into the Blue Ridge to the west.

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Situated on acres of B-grade farmland in the Willow Slough watershed of central Yolo County, DQU occupies the site of a long-defunct military communications station donated as surplus government land to the native people after considerable activism.

But the Cache Creek Rumsey Band is experiencing a financial security which now allows them to deal with their white neighbors on equal terms.

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The announcer calls the various dances, each accompanied by different drum groups, who strive to outdo each other with their piercing tremolo chants. As in many native Rancherias in California, the residents are not cache creek casino gambling age of local forebears, but come from other local regions. I notice that the rain has stopped and the stars and moon have come out. Later in the evening, non-natives are specifically invited by the announcer to join the procession.

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Dickstein, who still represents three other tribes, said the Rumsey were not duped, as they contend. Although the gaming industry as a whole was expected to cache creek casino gambling age job growth of 13 percent between andthe estimate for cage cashiers was a 13 percent decline in employment as self-service transactions gain in popularity.

Among the most egregious of the deals, according to the suit, was a deal in which Friedman bought West Sacramento land owned by the tribe to avoid tax liability on another property, then leased it back with no benefit to the tribe. In August, he and others in his circle hosted a fundraiser for presidential candidate Sen. However, the job outlook for these workers was not particularly good.

The suit accuses Opper of improperly taking a stake in various tribal investments without putting any money in, of collecting fees for managing investments which he had nothing to do with, and other misappropriations.