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She is upset because another woman is lurking, waiting for her to get tired of putting money into the machine, so that she the other woman can take over and stand a better chance of winning.

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And finallythe little spot under your nose. Each slot is 6 centimeters wide so you have dutch word for slot enough space to squeeze your disc in there.

"slot" in English

Frances slotted her ballot paper into the box. It came from the Middle Dutch or Middle Low German slot, and is related to many Germanic words, including the German Schloss bolt, bar, lock or castle and possibly the English word shut.

Beckers sails are an alternative to Ten Have sails. Adjustment of patent sails can be made without stopping the mill. En tot slot Jumba en Pliekie. These sails utilised the patent system, enabling adjustment to be made without stopping the mill. And finallylot number Britse afgevaardigden zoals ik, tot slot, zijn vaak tegen geschreven statuten.

They combine the shutters of the spring sail with automatic adjustment of the roller reefing sail.

The Basics of Dutch Shuffleboard

Suggest an example Results: Within each of these slots is a partition that separates discs that have already passed through the gate bar. Furled Patent sails[ edit ] Patent sails were invented by William Cubitt in En tot slot een gedurfde lage passage.

People playing a game of Dutch Shuffleboard. Each box has a certain value. Hence, patent sails are referred to as patent sweeps.

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The Basics of Dutch Shuffleboard Each player gets 30 discs. En dutch word for slot slot het plekje onder je neus.

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Example sentences Angus put a coin in the slot of the vending machine. Words often used with slot slot machine: This type of sail was popular in Yorkshirealthough the only remaining mill with roller reefing sails intact is Ballycopeland Windmill in Northern Ireland.

Finallythe Mastorakis report includes worthwhile special proposals.

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The highest score you can achieve is which would so happen to occur if you managed to get 7 pucks in the 2 slot, 7 pucks in the 3 slot, 9 pucks in the 4 slot, and 7 pucks in the 1 slot. Ten Have shutters are normally only used on one stock as the wide Ten Have shutters standing open on a vertical stock would leave this stock vulnerable to side winds during a storm.

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And finallya few drops of Angostura. The gate bar is marked 2,3,4,1 from left to right. One example of a mill with annular sails was at FeltwellNorfolk. Dekker improved on the efficiency of the common sail.

This sense has pretty much disappeared.

slot - Computer Definition

As a verb, to slot is to make a slot in something, to put something into a slot, or to fit someone or something into a schedule. And finallyan exciting announcement Unlike normal table shuffleboard, Dutch Shuffleboard is played on a unidirectional board meaning you only shoot in one direction as opposed to two.

Although automatic in operation, the mill must be stopped in order to adjust the reefing of the sail.

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