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There are six types of premises licences for the different types of gambling. All premises licences are subject to mandatory conditions and in some cases default conditions, which restrict the operating hours under the licence. Once player verification has been completed, the player can be offered activities from either a Category 2 licenced platform in Alderney, or any other platform licenced by a competent authority.

Eligibility criteria An applicant for a premises licence must: Mandatory conditions may not be varied or removed from the licence, however, application can be made to remove or vary the default conditions. Then, you will have to collect and prepare a minimum package of supporting documents to back up your application.

GamingLicensing provides a turnkey registration of the Curacao licence. Category 2 Licence Business to Business Effecting the gambling transaction including operational management of a gambling platform located in an approved hosting centre in Alderney or Guernsey. Innovative IT infrastructure, an attractive tax system and political stability makes Curacao one of the most reliable gaming license provider.

It is in the public interest that the relevant authority must process your application before it can be granted. How to get a gambling licence? Category 1 Associate Certificate Business to Customer outside of Alderney Registering, verifying and contracting with the customer and managing player funds. Casino, Sports Betting, Poker — one license covers all products!

For an easy-to-view chart on how our licencing compares with other jurisdictions, please click here. Besides, one licence applies to all types of gambling business activities.

The tax rate of e-Zone is being protected by law from any adverse changes until at least December 31, Altogether, from the time you first contact us until you get your company registered and license issued it takes only 2 weeks. And if you have a hard time choosing one or several of those as all of them have different gaming license cost, tax rates, advantages and special aspects, GamingLicensing is always ready to help you make a perfect choice.

Category 2 Associate Certificate Business to Business outside of Alderney Effecting the gambling transaction including operational management of a gambling platform located outside of Alderney. Gaminglicensing offers authorized fiduciary services and day-to-day administration of the license holding company.

This is the foreign based equivalent of a Category 1 Licence. To get a gambling licence, you must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce of the Antilles, to be able to create an offshore company. The licence is the only thing that helps an online gambling business operate within a legal framework, but it also guarantees a responsible approach while working with international client base.

Category 1 Licence Business to Customer Registering, verifying and contracting with the customer and managing player funds. A Category 1 Licence covers all aspects of player management and the Gambling licence application 2 Licence covers all aspects of providing the games and betting activities.

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Only one premises licence can be issued for any single premises other than a track premises, where more than one licence may have effect in relation to different areas of the track and the licence cannot authorise the use of the premises for more than one type of gambling operation.

Any number and type of gambling activity can be approved onto a single Category 2 Licence. Application evaluation process An application for a premises licence must be made on the prescribed form and be accompanied by a plan of the premises grant, provisional statement, and variation involving alterations to the premisesthe gambling licence application application fee and any other prescribed information or documents.

Curacao Gaming License is recognized worldwide and remains one of the most stable and reliable licensing solutions within the industry, and it's the least expensive of the big 3 licensing options.

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Apply now Licence summary Premises which provide facilities for gambling have to be licensed by the local authority. Please use the correct form. In order for us to serve you better, following documents should be provided upon our request: Please send notice of your application on the prescribed form to the relevant responsible authorities. We offer the best gaming products and services for operators of any size.

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Gaminglicensing is a member of eGamings Group — the world's leading provider of innovative gaming solutions for remote and land-based businesses. How to issue a Curacao licence? Open your Casino or Betting business One of the main advantages of Curacao License is an effective application process — it is simple, quick and cost-efficient comparing to other licensing options.

If you have not heard from the licensing authority within a reasonable period, please contact our licensing team on licensing lbhf. How much does a gambling licence Curacao cost? Notification of the application must also be sent to each of the relevant responsible authorities on the prescribed form.

Curacao gambling licence allows to open an account at the European bank branch and seamlessly connect every reliable payment system to the online casino. In addition to a premises licence issued by the local authority, gambling operators are required to be licensed by the Gambling Commission to operate a gambling business. One of the most profitable and reliable options available today is Curacao jurisdiction, where you can get a gambling licence in no time, which is considering affordable Curacao gaming license cost is a great way to start a successful business even for the first-time entrepreneurs.

Therefore, in order not to violate the local law and be able to conduct a legal business where it is possible, it is recommended to get the permission from relevant jurisdictions that are more loyal to the online casinos. Easy and simple license obtaining process Get your license in just two weeks!

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Regulation summary See the regulations for gambling for further information. Compared to other jurisdictions, the price is really affordable. If you need help with the forms please contact the Licensing Team on GamingLicensing can offer its professional help and answer every question regarding the process of issuing a Curacao licence.