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I pick my head up off of my pillow to reach for my phone. We head to the blackjack tables and sat down.

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I hurled my dace towards Charlie and our lips met The chips manager hand him a stack of chips worth 12, dollars. Montomery Hyde, the review by John P. A large, left-folded newspaper containing 24 pages including front and rear covers. When are you gonna be here?

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I look at the clock, 7: Auden entitled "I've Got No Complaints! We reach the casino floor, and a security guard asked us for ID. The Editors are grateful for this unusually frank account on what goes on behind bars, and how gay inmates are treated in 'the tank'" ; -lengthy review of the classic book "Dancing the Gay Lib Blues" by Arthur Bell with photo ; -half page illustrated ad for gay film "Assonance" then showing at the Drake Theatre in Los Angeles; -article "Big Payoffs and Little Pleasures" by Dick Leitsch on New York's Knapp Commission investigating police corruption: Part 2 is open to suggestion.

You and gay gambling are going to stay at Treasure Island for a weekend. George Weinberg on gay self-definition terms ; -quarter page advertisement for Wakefield Poole's film "Boys in the Sand" starring Casey Donovan ; -full page advertisement for Man's Country with male beefcake photo ; -much, much more.

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Just Give Me a Job! LeRoy "New York, N.

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He had 14 showing. We are hammered at this point and decide to head back to our room.

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We wish Rao well after his defeat. We struggle to make it to our beds, and are laughing our asses off for no reason whatsoever. We checked in, headed to our double suite and got changed to head to the casino.

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So what do you guys think I should include next time? George Weinberg with two photos ; -much, much more. On the night of Friday, November 19, Suffolk County Police, not previously noted for their generosity, gave local gays the gift of their first bona-fide raid. Josh volland My phone rang.

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I look into charlies increasingly more attractive eyes. A waitress comes over: Dorr Legg of One, Inc. The total bets are 5, dollars in the pot. Charlie was ready to play. George Weinberg on the police bust of a gay man: