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Carbonized Matter is obtained from the BotanistMiner and Fisher classes while gathering and you will need to be higher levels for higher grades of Carbonized Matter. Tier 1 materia requires equipment with an item level of 15 or above, tier 2 30, tier 3 45, tier 4 75 and tier 5 While it is less risky than in 1.

Advanced Materia Melding If you wish to go beyond the safety of attaching materia to the designated slots then you can expect to be taking a risk.

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Carbonized Matter is the only type of catalyst that currently exists. Once you have your triple melded item you can not lose it. If you would like to attach more materia than there are slots, this is called advanced materia melding and this comes with risks.

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You gear slots ffxiv however lose that new piece of materia on a fail. This scales up to and is based on the difficulty or rarity of obtaining the equipment. We are unsure of the parameters on how this works. It should be noted that equipment's item level is not always the level a player can equip it.

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Additionally if you try attaching materia which is a bad match for gear on to it then your item level will need to be even higher to gain the full potency of the materia. For example the Dodore Doublet has an item level of 63 but can be equipped at Once you have your materia, your catalyst and a piece of equipment you will be able to meld it all together if your crafting class is high enough level.

People will try and try until they are successful and materia prices will rise, whereas before it was perhaps too much of a risk to try attempt a higher tier meld when you may lose what you have. Each grade corresponds to the tier of materia with the same number. If your crafting class is not high enough gear slots ffxiv then another player can perform the meld for you.

The required level for attaching materia is written on the meld window. The higher the level of the equipment, the higher the tier of materia you can create.

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The item level on equipment must be equal or higher than that on the materia. The reason it is less risky is because upon failure you no longer lose your item or the materia attached to it.

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Each piece of equipment is assigned to a crafting class, usually this means the class who can create the item can attach materia to it. We're not sure exactly what levels will obtain which grade but common sense tells us the higher your DoL gathering node, the higher the tier.

Due to the fact you are not starting from scratch every time we can expect this to have a different effect on the materia economy. For example attaching Vitality materia to equipment intended for magic players. So for the best results of creating tier V materia you should be converting equipment of level 50 or above.

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For example grade 5 Carbonized matter is used for melding tier V materia and below. Once you are ready to meld materia you have to take into account the item level on the materia and the item. ARR have been replaced and simplified into grades in the same way repair materials were a long time ago.

Grade 3 can meld grade 3 and below but not above grade 3. ARR equipment can have up to 5 slots where melding is guaranteed to be successful, how many depends on the piece. So you can then attempt to attach a fourth as many times as you like.