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His feature column is Dominators Domain at www. Students praise his care and understanding of their needs and desires as they begin their dice control careers. The Goddess was the first female player to join the roll club and her greatest roll was Doc is also an accomplished card counter at blackjack.

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These two are a devastating advantage-play couple. Her feature column on our main page is The Goddess Speaks. A student of the game. He also plays frequently in the Midwest and is currently training his three beautiful grandchildren to become "future no-sevens contest winners. He is also a master card counter at blackjack.

He is a member of the Butch and Lefty gang. He lives in California. She is a multiple member of the roll club and roll club. Boris is a fun teacher who concentrates on getting students to use their own unique gifts to the best gtc craps their abilities. She knew nothing gtc craps the game of craps then and is now a highly successful advantage-player and teacher at the game.

Nick visits Las Vegas and Atlantic City many times each year and is a high limit player and an expert on comps. Dominator is a multiple member of our roll club, roll club, roll club, roll club, and 80 roll club. Yes, he can talk to the dice and, appallingly, he claims the dice talk back to him!

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Randman is a multiple member of our roll club and roll club. He has quickly become a favorite of students for his understanding of their fright in taking those first steps towards advantage-play. One hobby he felt was a natural compliment to craps was bowling.

Dominator writes for Southern Gaming and Destinations magazine. Crapology's gtc craps roll thus far was a Bill Burton is a multiple member of our roll club. Beat Craps by Controlling the Dice!

He contributes regularly on the private message board, and two of his posts have won the "Post of the Month" award. He is also a part of Dominators Sports Service doing computer studies of the games.

Needless to say, hes an avid bowler with multiple games and frequently uses his experience when helping students understand grip, backswing, follow-through, concentration and gtc craps aspects of game.

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A multiple member of the roll club and roll club Vera Sanchez Vera Sanchez belongs to a distinctive group in the largely male world of craps. Finesse is known as "old eagle eye" for his talent for spotting the minutest deviation in even an expert's throw.

Nick is a dedicated teacher and an excellent and consistent dice controller.

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He is also a proud member of the West Coast Crew. Graduated with degrees in both biology and math, Dominator knows his way around the numbers and around a craps table. He learned to play in the course of one night in Atlantic City, the weekend of his 21st birthday, and has never looked back since.

She and her husband, Dr. He is a member of the famous Five Horsemen craps team, and the person who got the four gtc craps of Golden Touch Craps together to form the company Golden Touch Craps.