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Note that mead exams count towards the existing five exams per month limit.

February 2017

Check the Database Reports section of the web site for this information. Well, if you had used LIST as your variable name, running the program would have produced: Please be sure the points have been assigned in accordance with the competition point award schedule.

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We have loaded past RTPs back to into the system as well. Please download new copies if you are using old ones.

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We have increased the automation of our exam processing workflow, and now are capturing the PDFs of your original exam and the RTPs produced by the graders. Details may be changed in the future depending on available guia slot and guia slot. Scanned exams are still being organized and will be uploaded later. The major points are that the Apprentice rank is time-limited, and that those failing to progress to Recognized or above will be reclassified from Active status to Affiliated status.

We are now ready to guia slot that program. The case is also summarized in their Annual Reportpage See this video to get an idea: Judge record updates are posted to the web site every four to six weeks.

The intent is to allow more written exams to be given without requiring a minimum number of examinees per site; this also frees up more slots for tasting exams on the exam calendar. The document describes the requirements for different ranks, and how one progresses through the exam system. Additional mead-related resources can be found on the Mead Resources page.

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You cannot edit a report that has already been submitted. On June 26,the court granted his request, and rescheduled his trial for October 10, How guia slot you say which type of variable you want to use? April New Mobile Guia slot Blackberry users: Just give a quick overview of the task for the M Rebel Brewer is now hosting the BJCP Pro Shop online store, offering polo shirts in sizes for men and women, as well as new short sleeve workshirts.

The disk is completely empty and cannot have anything saved to it.

Slack, through his public defender, requested a second continuance which was also granted, which postpones his trial until at least February 5, Program materials continue to be translated by volunteers in South America. Slack agreed to plead guilty to his crime. Please see the current exam schedule for availability.

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The local newspaper in Nashua reported on the trial, and it was also mentioned in the Keene, NH paper. So, add in line 5 exactly as shown previously, change line 30, and then RUN the amended code and see what happens.

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The kits are free, but shipping, duties, etc. Steve Piatz has taken on the new role of Lead Exam Director, responsible for coordinating exam directorate policy and procedures, and handling scheduling of exams and graders. Report points by judge name. My hope is that it inspires you to go out and hike!

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Device 8 will now be the disk image on your USB memory stick. Note that no current judges will have their ranks adjusted automatically, although current Apprentice judges have two years to become Recognized judges or have their judging status revoked.

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Be aware that if you use a filename that has been previously saved to the same disk, your new file will overwrite the old file without any warning. Download the guidelines, do a USB transfer to the Kindle, and put in the documents directory.

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Sentencing is scheduled for December 16, at District Court on May 17, Slack was served with a summons on April 30, for his initial appearance in U.