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Breen said the plans are for a 2-D and 3-D film to run together, with two programming changes a year. Although the shape is inefficient as a hotel for other reasons- and its slanted sides bake in the sun - there is much to gawk at inside.

The first contract was signed in May and a second was signed in July The byfoot screen and eight-channel, multidimensional digital sound system, delivered by 15, watts of power from 50 speakers in six clusters, is further enhanced by the latest in-your-face 3-D technology.

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A lot, in fact, Schadler says. While the educational tools may be a new concept for casino resorts, Circus Circus cofounders Bennett and William Pennington pioneered the family market back in when they bought the failing Circus Circus from Jay Sarno. In research polls, customers associate pyramids with "mystery and intrigue," Schadler said.

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The problems still hadn't been solved as of at least July 21, the suit said. And then, as Las Vegas cooled on architectural themes, the Luxor seemed as stale as yesterday's mummy.

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Once people have gone to an Imax theater, they often bring others who haven't been," Breen said, adding that are no plans for a Las Vegas destination-type film. The pyramid shape appeals to customers emotionally in a way that the Strip's more standard-looking structures, and those constrained by less-alluring themes, cannot, he said.

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This will provide a whole new experience. Making Imax films requires specialized Imax cameras and processing. Also under construction along the southwest exterior of the original Luxor pyramid is an Egyptian-themed theater that will house Luxor's new production show entitled "Imagine -- A theatrical Odyssey.

Breen said that Imax invented everything in the early days, but encouraged independent filmmakers.

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A lightweight, comfortable, cordless headset with polarized glasses and speakers create 3-D images that you want to reach out and touch, and a "personal sound environment" that's just like the real thing. Bennett, a furniture store operator in the s, remained at the helm of the company and was recently named the nd richest man in America by Forbes magazine.

Thursday's opening ceremony follows the opening of the walkway between the two hotels -- the final touch to the year-long addition project.

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Today, the Las Vegas-based company owns eight casinos throughout Nevada and has plans to build another Reno resort and operate a gambling riverboat on the Mississippi River outside Memphis, Tenn. The lights are set on a timer and are programmed to produce various special effects.

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Inside, the Egyptian theme was executed to extreme and comical limits even by Las Vegas standards. In the glass-enclosed mini-theme park, the emphasis is on life-like dinosaurs and archaeology. Phase II of the Luxor expansion is under way and expected to be completed this fall.

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To sit in Nefertiti's Lounge with only a statue of the Egyptian queen to distinguish it from other bars is a concept past its prime, he said. The system "wasn't fully operational in the manner that had been represented by Bee and the system suffered from numerous design flaws, construction flaws and unscheduled power shutdowns, among other problems," the suit said.

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Bennett and Pennington rearranged the casino, offered inexpensive food and sought middle-class families instead of the high-rollers coveted by most resorts of that time. It was an opening ceremony marked by opulence and splendor. Since the Imax premier inmore than million people have visited an Imax theater -- more than 60 million of them in Luxor's 3-D creates a stomach-heaving illusion.

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