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If that opening grew at the same ratio as the actual flow area grew, we'd be golden and done. You can comare this to the earlier spreadsheet, if interested.

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It reads 'leaner' because of this, as bender correctly stated. And yeah, the sharp bend of a typical PVC elbow isn't going to have as nice of a flow as mandrel-bent metal pipe.

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I've updated the title of this thread to be more specific as to what the thread now talks about and includes. This ratio gets higher with a mustang slot maf housing which means that the sensor is actually sampling less a percentage of the actual flow area.

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A piece of 3" PVC is actually 3. This needs to be addressed.

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But before I jumped, I thought I'd throw it out there to anybody else to comment. In this revision the area of the sensor is subtracted from each total area before the ratio is figured.

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Cut a hole in the side, slide the sensor into the pipe, and then figure out a MAF curve from there. So on to how I make that work. In theory, this is looking doable using PVC.

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Using their chart, should be able to get a piece of 2. And to keep as much flow capacity as possible, I'd want to get Class thin walled 2. However decipha dropped the idea of using PVC pipe to fabricate it up with just because it's a bit easier to work with.

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His is in principle the same type of calculation as ours. If I can't manage to get the 3" pipe to work, the next option is to drop down to 2.

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If I don't mind a crease in the pipe, I think I could get a tighter angle from an exhaust shop bending up a piece of 3" exhaust pipe. This is the part I'm not sure is that simple. This takes care of actual flow area between the two different diameters.

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The part that needs to be tackled next it the sensor sample area to actual flow area ratio. I used 10mm x 50mm as I'm using mm as the original curve is from a 79mm stock mustang and my VMP housing is 88mm I'm working with currently. Your approximation of the sensor is right in the ball park of about what I guessed.