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The primary advantage of a slotted liner over wire-wrapped screens is usually cost; however, small gauge, high-density slot patterns may cost as much as wire-wrapped screens. The screen prevents rock fragments from entering the well, helps support the wall of the well and allows water to enter. In water supply applications PVC can offer an economical and long-lasting design option, especially when used with a Johnson Screens stainless steel screens.

Slot widths that are less than 0. Rod-based screens are commonly used in shallow water-well completions that typically range from a few hundred to maybe a 1, ft in depth.

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Our flush threaded well screen and casing supplies are manufactured with computerized threadings to ensure tensile strength and reliability over time. The single-slot staggered pattern is slotted with an even number of rows around the pipe with a typical 6-in. A schematic of the screen construction is shown in Fig.

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This makes it the ultimate solution for applications such as monitoring wells, water wells, groundwater wells, vapor extraction wells, heavy metal sampling and mining. Screens with the smallest slot openings are typically 6 gauge 0. The Johnson Screens brand of PVC well products is designed and manufactured to industry standards, with tolerances that meet or exceed customer needs.

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For large gravel, 10 to 20 mesh, screen slot openings are about 18 gauge 0. Because these designs have been used for more than 40 years in worldwide oilfield operations, a great deal is known about the performance of wire-wrapped screens.

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Slotted liners are more easily plugged than wire-wrapped screens because the slots are usually cut parallel to each other. Environmental Equipment and Supply stocks most of our monitoring well screen and casing supplies, so they are ready for shipment.

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If the well screen is not lined up with water bearing sand the well will still work fine. Water travels much easier and faster through gravel than it does through sand. They are also applicable in this service.

Well screen features and benefits reliable sand control very accurate slot openings and pore sizes slot and pore size validation resistance against plugging. Louver type well screens shutter screens are typically used only for high yield wells.


PVC casing and well screens from 0. The water will go down from the water bearing sand through the gravel pack to the bottom of the well casing and then back up.

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The screens with the lowest profiles are those that contain an annular pack between the jacket and the pipe base. Hence, they do not require the strength that is gained by installing the screen jacket over a pipe base. The slots can be straight or keystone shaped, as illustrated in Fig. Environmental products hermetically sealed in plastic Round hole perforated pipe from 1 in.

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This results in a long-lasting well that requires less maintenance. This is a standard-commodity design manufactured by several companies. Wire-wrapped screens Wire-wrapped screens offer pvc well screen slot size alternative for retaining the gravel in an annular ring between the screen and the formation. Using this protocol provides a bit of insurance against setting the well screen at the wrong level.

The quality is assured within our ISO quality management system using customized quality control plans to guarantee product quality and conformity. The shaped wire is simultaneously wrapped and welded to longitudinal rods to form a single helical slot with any desired width. Water wells are pvc well screen slot size in either unconsolidated materials such as sand and gravel or comparatively hard and usually stable bedrock.

The product ranges offers a wide variety of premium metal mesh, wire-wrapped, pre-packed and slotted screen solutions for 4 different markets with different screen demands. The screen consists of an outer jacket that is fabricated on special wrapping machines that resemble a lathe. See our list of supplies here.

To meet these high standards we use the most advanced technologies combined with first class materials.

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They are both improvements over the two wells shown above. If you don't take up this space with something, the sand will slowly move back in the space so it is tight around the bottom of the well pipe.