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Completely strip and polish castings to a mirror shine Paint castings to match original paint scheme or any scheme you wish Wood cabinet is disassembled, straitened, reassembled, stained and clear coated to match original Rusty old cabinet bolts replaced with new Complete disassembly, degrease, clean and reassembly of machanism All springs tension tested and replaced if necessary Nuts and bolts rethreaded or replaced where necessary missing ones too!

Because of the unique nature of these machines the cost of these services can and will only be quoted once a machine is in our shop.

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That would ruin the original wood finish and the beauty of the machine. When this happens it is important to know someone who specializes in the complete restoration and repair of any antique slots and electrical mechanical Bally's, someone who takes the time and effort to do the necessary repair properly and with the utmost care.

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This late 's countertop machine to the right is one of those machines that some farmer, restored slot machines or other unknowing person might find in a barn, shed or attic and when cleaning and throw in the dumpster.

Below though you can find a basic outline for restorations, full and partial. Antique coin-op restoration is the only thing we do so we do it well!

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Because trade stimulators are so varried in style, make up, complexity, etc. Though un-restored, working machines are extremely difficult to find, many collectors do not mind paying premiums for machines that escape the fate of over enthusiastic restorations. A good restoration will only increase the appeal and value of any antique coin operated machine, whether in original condition or not.

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Full Overhaul and Restoration on most wooden tabletop or countertop trade stimulators like the one above, the perfections, fairest wheels or any tabletop wooden dice machine: This though is completely a personal choice and not a collectable value. Notify me of new posts by email. So, these machines became Vintage like many slotland casino newsletter collectibles, and the oldest slot machines are the most valuable now.

We'll be glad to answer your questions and send additional photos.

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They have a list of online casinos that offer slots for real money. Contemporary slot machines are generally more readily available than other slot machines. Ordering Information For more information, send an e-mail to: Many collectors value the analog qualities of old slot machines more than they do their age.

Included in the collection are machines from the earliest days of Las Vegas casinos, back when slot machines were primarily to keep the wives of table game players occupied. These are real slots for real moneyno tokens or credits. These machines are American icons, an important part of our history and properly restored worth their weight in gold!

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Please use our contact form to send us your request for an estimate and please don't forget to attach a picture of your machine to the form! Just get in touch with a reputable collector and talk things over before you decide to remove, repaint, or replace anything on the machine. A machine with the right history could be priceless, even though the exact same machine in restored condition may be worth much less.

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Some of the services and changes your trade stimulator endures while it is with us: You can play the latest online slot games at Gambling Land and even better, these are free to try, with many of these games resembling the antique games you can find on this site.

If it's missing parts we can usually locate them.