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A broad, flat, wooden bar, a slat, especially as used to secure a door, window, etc.

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MultiUn Scope-of-application draft article a and b refer to liner services as well as to non-liner services because certain forms of charter parties such as slot charters and space charters and volume contracts are regularly used in liner services UN-2 One suggestion is to extend charter party treatment to modern equivalents of the charter party, such as slot charters and space charters, but to recognize a different sort of freedom of contract for negotiated contracts between sophisticated parties that less closely resemble traditional charter parties, such as contracts of affreightment and volume contracts.

EurLex-2 6 Hanjin Shipping Co.

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Elektroniska spelautomater mynt- eller pollettstyrda spelautomater. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. A gap in a schedule or sequence.

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EurLex-2 Slot oversat engelsk, the applicants submit that the application of Article 85 1 of the Treaty to joint service contracts of the kind they entered into is based on two allegations of fact made for the first time at paragraph of the contested decision, namely, first, the proportion of individual service contracts entered into by former members of the TAA's Contract Slot oversat engelsk and, second, the large number of slot-chartering arrangements.

Check translations in other languages: MultiUn After discussion, there was general agreement that charterparties and similar type agreements such as slot-charter agreements and space-charter agreements should be excluded from the scope of the draft instrument EurLex-2 It is apparent from paragraphs to of the response to the statement of objections and from the title of that part of the response, Price competition within vessel sharing agreements VSAsthat the TACA parties sought by that evidence, by reference in particular to Hanjin's situation on the trade in question, to rebut the Commission's argument at paragraphsand of the statement of objections that the slot-chartering arrangements entered into between the TACA parties and the independent shipping lines, in particular the one to which Hanjin was a party, had the effect of restricting price competition between the parties to such agreements and therefore between the conference members.

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UN-2 As such, volume contracts would be excluded by 3 cslot charters by 3 a or 3 b and towage and heavy lift contracts by 3 b. A narrow depression, perforation, or aperture; especially, one for the reception of a piece fitting or sliding in it.

Engelsk-dansk oversættelse af "slot"

The allocated time for an aircraft's departure or arrival at an airport's runway. The track of an animal, especially a deer. Found in 2 ms.

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Giga-fren There are two types of container: To shut with violence; to slam. Found sentences matching phrase "slot charter".

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Videospelsmaskiner, Pollettstyrda videospelmaskiner, Video- och spelapparater, Partyhattar av papper, Spelmaskiner. In a flying display, the fourth position; after the leader and two wingmen.

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The barrel or tube of a wave. National legislation such as that at issue in the main proceedings, which, without providing for a transitional period, introduces a five-fold increase in the flat-rate tax to be paid on slot machines operated in amusement arcades and, in addition, introduces a proportional tax on that activity, constitutes a restriction on the freedom to provide services guaranteed by Article 56 TFEU provided that it is liable to prohibit, impede or render less attractive the exercise of the freedom to provide the services of operating slot machines in amusement arcades, this being a matter which it is for the national court to determine.

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They come from many sources and are not checked. To put something such as a coin into a slot narrow aperture To assign something or someone into a slot gap in a schedule or sequence The track of an animal, especially a deer.