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Abilities have a limited number of uses per dungeon, which may be increased up to four times by Cid at a cost in orbs and gil.

Graphics[ edit ] Battles use pixel art sprites against a 2D background, with sprites being taken from the 2D games in the series, reused from Final Slots ffrk All the Bravestor being created fresh in a retro style for the game. Higher rarity equipment and materials add more to the item's leveling gauge.

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In addition, clearing a dungeon caa blackjack a Gil reward given each time. More frequently, the game is updated with new Events.

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Ability Synthesis and Upgrades[ edit ] Slots ffrk character has slots to equip up to two abilities at a time. While the game is free to play, there is a real money cash shop where Gems in Japanese: This restores the party to full strength as resting does, gives them a random temporary stat bonus, and returns them to the beginning of the location to try again.

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While in a dungeon, the player may not change party members, equipment, or set abilities. The player's maximum Stamina starts out at 20 points, and can be increased by collecting Stamina Shards.

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Each location has a Stamina cost to challenge it. Weapons and armor may be leveled up via a refinement process carried out by Cid.

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Nightmare Dungeons have players tasked with facing extremely high difficulty bosses in order to unlock normally unobtainable abilities. Equipment and abilities[ edit ] Each character has access to certain abilities and equipment, with only Tyro having access to all equipment and abilities.

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Additionally, the player can upgrade a piece of equipment regardless of star ranking or level with a Rosetta Stone, a rare item that can add a point to a main stat of a relic for example, defense for armor.

This synthesis is carried out by Cid for a fee in gil.

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The battles in a location are fought consecutively, with some status effects slots ffrk each battle carrying over to the next. Mythril may be used for the following: This costs gil and requires the sacrifice of another piece of equipment or an equipment refinement item.

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Higher rarity items drop less frequently than lower rarity items off monsters of the same level. Gameplay proceeds similarly to single player mode, except that stamina is only used upon successful completion of the dungeon. Story[ edit ] In a kingdom that survives on the harmony between magic and art, stories have been passed through history and their records keep the kingdom prosperous and peaceful.

There slots ffrk 5 star ranks of Dark Matter, and the player must have a piece that matches the equipment's original star rating. Once all battles in a location are clear, the player is given a score for slots ffrk location—"Novice", "Expert", or "Champion" in Japanese: Examples include knives, bows, spears, and staves in the weapon families, robes, light armor, helmets, and bracers in armor families, and white mage, combat, celerity, and dragoon in the ability families.

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