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The original aluminum Torq-Thrust "D" was only produced in 15 by 6 and 15 by 7. Also, the wheel pictured in the ad for them on page 22 of the same magazine shows that the cast-in recess that is found between the inner-most area of the machined lip and the outside edges of the spokes on the original aluminum Torq-Thrust and Torq-Thrust D has been eliminated.

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Here's a bit of background on both of them, followed by a quick look at some of the other companies that played a significant role in the American aftermarket wheel industry. They were produced on a tracer lathe and shipped in their natural, machined finish.

When making this choice, you can take right into account the price of having the automobile, paying for gas, as well as your other linked costs.

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The TTO is a one-piece, low-pressure casting of aluminum alloy, which is heat-treated. Regardless of whether you like the shape of the curved spokes of the current Torq-Thrust "D", it remains a classic wheel that is somewhat faithful to its original version. As a racer who enjoyed life, Roy recoginized the importance of safety equipment.

Although Roy Richter has since passed away, his legacy lives on. But near the end ofthe Depression again took its toll, and Cragar Corporation closed. We know who the experts are. If your credit history is bad, the APR may be greater. A newer version of the Torq-Thrust superior slot mags was introduced in the s, with spokes that are completely curved.

The Cragar legacy began with George Wight. Their five-spoked wheels can be identified by the word "Japan" stamped on the inside, and also by their large, recessed holes for the lug nut washers to seat in.

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One was the Le Mans, which was cast so it looked like a Torq-Thrust that had been faced off in a lathe, with the outer surfaces of the spokes being completely flat, similar to the s Pontiac wheels that they inspired. The only vintage racing wheels that American Racing Equipment ever made without casting their name into them were made out of magnesium.

Introduction to classic racing wheels I don't claim to be an expert about anything, including old racing wheels.

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His parents had worked for the railroad, and he claimed to have been born somewhere in Arizona in a caboose. Since nobody else seemed to be writing anything online about them, in the spring of I spent a weekend writing this page.

Back in the s, he had been among the very first midget racers to wear a real crash helmet. The result was the Miller-Schofield Company, which produced carburetors, overhead-valve heads, and lightweight pistons for the new Model A Ford. I've also seen these wheels with spokes that were fully polished, but doubt if they left the factory this way.

Another company, American Dragmaster, produced a unique version of the aluminum slot wheel, using a rounded, bowl-shaped face with six slots. Other styles were the original four-slot Standard wide rear wheels; and the extremely successful five-spoked Torq-Thrust and Torq-Thrust "D" five-spokes.

The move to the larger bolt pattern meant moving the bosses that are cast into the wheel for the cap mounting screws outward.

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If you take a look at any book or magazine dealing with Top Fuel dragsters and Fuel Altereds from the early Sixties through the mid-Seventiesyou'll see that virtually every one of these cars used cast magnesium rear wheels that were made by one of two companies: Ansen Sprints featured five slots in the side of the wheel. This is an original design that was produced in small numbers and never copied.

Appliance wheels were popular in the Seventies.

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The Crestline name is cast into all of their wheels as well as the inside of their aluminum center caps. Instead, the wheel used a smaller center cap with threads around its edge.

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I've never seen a car with a set of four of them. In the design of the Daisy wheel, American Racing deviated from their usual practice of using center caps that attached with five screws around the outside of the cap.

American Racing Equipment, and Halibrand Engineering. When George Wight died inRoy took over the business.

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The result was a wheel that offered a load-carrying capacity that was unmatched in the aftermarket wheel industry. American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels One of the first American Racing wheels that were intended for the street was the aluminum Torq-Thrust, introduced in This has become significant to those superior slot mags us who are now building cars with old magnesium wheels.

Although they have been seen on virtually every type of race car and street car imaginable, the first aluminum Torq-Thrusts were especially popular with Corvette owners. The new product announcement on page 26 of the June, issue of Street Rodder says that "Instead of reissuing the disc-brake-unfriendly design, American Racing retro-engineered the original design and re-released it under the TTO Torq-Thrust Original banner.

The wheel was designed with ribs and extra material added near the hub. The wrecking yard quickly evolved into the world's first speed shop.