Woodruff key slot cutter, taper-lock bushings...

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When square, center of the table is found using the edges of two perpendicular sides. They have a square or rectangular cross-section.

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Common applications include machine toolsautomotive applications, snowblowers and marine propellers. Cutting T-slots is a two step process.

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This limited shear strength specification is designed to sustain normal operation, but then give way in the event of excessive shaft torque, thus protecting the rest of the machine from damage. It's easy to solve this problem. By simply driving setscrews into selected holes, the hub mechanism conveniently operates to rigidly lock or definitely release from the shaft, without hammering or hub-pulling.

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Finding the theoretical corner doesn't actually put the end mill over anything that can be milled. The smaller shaft diameter is. Another one of those things that "just happen".

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I bolted a piece of scrap onto the table and started turning the crank After parting it off, the housing is mounted in the chuck with it's back side facing out and a face cut is taken to remove the bur from the parting operation.

The black arrow shows the back of the tooth after it's been milled for the relief. If the bearing ever needs to be removed, it can be pushed out from the back by driving pins through the pin holes.

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Spring pins are an alternative Dutch key component, instead of solid dowel pins. A Hirth joint is similar to a spline joint but with the teeth on the butt of the shaft instead of on the surface.

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The position of this plate doesn't matter, really, since the edges of the table can be squared up simply by turning the handle on the table. QD quick disconnect bushings work similarly, but place a circular pattern of three unthreaded and three fully threaded holes further out from the shaft axis on a bushing flange, instead of across the bushing-to-hub interface.

No way to calculate radial motion yet, since there is no proper engraved crank and the table is not engraved yet either, but it does work.

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Some kind of bearing is needed for the crank, and there's really not enough material in the wall of the base for it, so a bearing housing is turned from CRS. The flat on the end of each tooth still has to be milled down some to provide the majority of the relief for the cutting edges.

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According to the name these are tangential to the shaft. It goes from the outside rim of the table top to just shy of the inner alignment ring near the center of the table. I'll just make T-nuts to fit later on.

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This could be made from any kind of steel.