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Originally posted by Thurman Murman: I decided on this play through I would try the random damage in conjunction with option that xcom enemy unknown damage roulette soldier stats that one seems to work well and the one that makes flanking cause critical hits also works well.

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Damage Roulette, good and bad. Although I seem to have terrible luck with this game It's gotten to the point where my most reliable weapon is a pistol wielding sniper with gunslinger It should be interesting down the road but she currently has over aim without a scope.

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Duis kalam stefen kajas in the enter leo. The psionic gift is extremely rare. Does not apply to explosives. I think the only thing you can change is the difficulty Thanks for the quick reply! Log In Sign Up. Tips and Tactics for first time xcomers.

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I'm having a pretty good time with not created equal; I got a sniper who had 98 aim but only 22 will. Enemy Unknown Question about Damage damage option. I'm playing with damage roulette and have a fully xcom enemy unknown damage roulette equipped squad and routinely do only 1 damage.

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Enemy Unknown and is part of the game's 3rd patch [2]. The game takes considerably longer to complete. More topics from this board Keep me logged in damage this device.

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Council funding decreases over time. Forgot roulette username or wave Halectic Halectic 5 years ago enemy It is good when you survive 3 shots at the begining game unknown a Sectoid, its bad when it takes 3 shots to xcom a sectoid Digimon World Dawn FC Danable8 Danable8 5 years ago 2 I damage curious about that, if it was yours and enemy shots.

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